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|×7×|[Wed, 18 Jan 17 20:06:06 -0200]⬈g7 ⬊⭑ Displaying results 1 - 30 of 1170 matches (0.05 seconds) 1. [100.00%] Plug for 1⁄2" Floor Cover Brass P64 Floor Plate Covers 690-SC 30EC74 35.55 Replacement Plug for 3⁄4" Floor Cover Brass P64 Floor Plate Covers 691-SC 30EC75 35.55 Replacement Plug for 1" Floor Cover Brass P64 Floor Plate Covers 692-SC 6.6kb 2. [94.32%] easy cleanup. Nos. E8987 and Seat Height Seat Seat Back Back Item $ Seat Height Seat Seat Back Back Item $ Range Width Depth Width Height Brand ▶CHOOSE: Color No. Each Range Seat Height Width Seat Depth Seat Width Back Brand ▶CHOOSE: Color Back 5.8kb 3. [81.06%] lifetime warranty Fabric seat material with mesh back ▪ HON full lifetime warranty BLACK MARINER WINE seat seat seat Back Back Item Item Item $ BLACK CHARCOAL NAVY Width Depth Height Width Height No. No. No. Each seat seat seat Back Back 2.9kb 4. [75.38%]  108.45 2-Pipe Kit, White Cover RA 25 55 to 85 T-4002-302 38Y161  212.25 Beige T-Stat Cover, Horizontal, Blank, 2"L x 3"H x 2"D T 38Y134 21.97 2-Pipe Kit, Beige Cover DA 25 55 to 85 T-4002-303 38Y162  212.25 Beige T-Stat Cover, 10.0kb 5. [72.73%] WITH ARMS Item $ Item $ Seat Height Range Seat Width Seat Depth Back Width Back Height ▶CHOOSE: Color Brand No. Each No. Each Fabric Seat Material 17 to 22" 18" 18" 16" 15" Bevco G6692 229.50 — — Black, Blue, Gray 24 to 34" 18" 18" 16" 5.1kb 6. [72.73%] HANDLING Drum Covers & Drum and Tank Mixers Lever UN-Rated White Cover 2" x 3⁄4" Tri-Sure Style Fittings Bolt Ring with Bolt Lock Ring Drum Covers Gasket and Nut For Use Item $ Description With No. Each Steel Covers For 5, 8, 10 & 7.9kb 7. [72.73%] weight capacity ▪ Fabric seat material ▪ Fabric seat material ▪ HON full lifetime warranty ▪ HON full lifetime warranty BLACK MARINER WINE BLACK MARINER WINE Mechanism seat seat Back Back Item Item Item $ Mechanism seat seat Back Back 4.1kb 8. [70.08%] 1-5 Printing Shops 5-10 Toilets 2-5 per minute, corresponding to fan ratings. Churches 2-4 Laundries 1-3 Restaurants 3-10 Transformer Rooms 1-5 One or more fans may be used to obtain Clubs 5-7 Libraries 2-4 Restrooms 5-10 Warehouses 5-10 6.2kb 9. [70.08%] space than traditional 800mL dispensers. Manually dispenses hand soap. ADA-compliant. 1200ML dispensER Mfr. Item Pkg. $ 1000ML dispensER Description Model No. Qty. Pkg. Mfr. Item Pkg. $ dispensers Description Model No. Qty. Pkg. Gray 2740 1PKP7 1 4.0kb 10. [67.42%] are SofThread leather. Seat Seat Seat Seat Back Back Cushion Item $ Seat Seat Seat Seat Back Back Cushion Item $ Color Material Width Depth Height Width Height Thickness Series No. Each Color Material Width Depth Height Width Height Thickness 3.3kb 11. [64.77%] SECURITY Fire Alarm Device Covers Covers for Fire Alarm Devices Surface-mount models include a conduit spacer and are designed No. No. to Cover devices mounted to an electrical gang box. 2KFK3 4AGA8 No. PULL STATION CoverS 1DPD7 Deter malicious and 5.0kb 12. [64.77%] Tea Concentrate Dispenser 1 gal. — Bunn 6DHC9 438.50 Concentrate Dispensers feature a built-in regulator for Tea Concentrate Dispenser 2 gal. — Bunn 6DHD0 603.00 120V, 15 Amps, consistent product-to-water ratios. No. 6DHC9 has a 6.2kb 13. [64.77%] No. Each No. Each Covers For Dry Locations (Without Gasket) Receptacle Covers for Wet Locations, NEMA 3R (Includes Flip Cover and Gasket) 1 Blank 10L146 8.72 10L147 9.30 1 Cover with Receptacle, 5-15R, Single 1 3⁄8" Device Opening — 8.0kb 14. [64.77%] 45.45 No. 13J044 Off-White Cover, Base, and Ring No 8 5⁄8 6 3⁄4 3 9 3⁄16 7 1⁄4 3 5⁄16 13J048 55.40 Tan Cover, Base, and Ring No 4 5⁄8 5 1⁄4 2 1⁄2 5 3⁄16 5 13⁄16 2 5⁄8 13J041 37.90 Tan Cover, Base, and Ring Tan Cover, Base, 8.6kb 15. [64.77%] hand brake on WITH REUSABLE DISPENSER Reusable DISPENSer—Comes on a 3" DISPENSer to protect user's hands from Standard messages are printed with Without DISPENSer—Strong, tear- friction heat buildup. I.D. core with 1 blow-molded DISPENSer 7.8kb 16. [62.12%] extra wide contoured molded seat with waterfall edge. 14-ga. steel seat pan and oversized 28" die-cast aluminum base for additional support. Supports up to 500 lb. weight capacity. Scooter Stool and Tool Trolleys seat Height seat seat Back Back 3.8kb 17. [62.12%] for frequent use. Dispenses 72-yd. rolls of tape. Rubber base holds Tape Roll Dispensers A-A-1684 specification. Dispenser firmly in place. Manual Dispensers for tape rolls with 3" core. Tensile Item $ Nos. 11J931 to 11J933 are stainless 4.6kb 18. [62.12%] 2EMR9 214.25 Universal Cover for Carpet Brass Finish S1CFCBRS 2DZL6 254.00 Accessories Tile Flange and Cover Assembly Mounting Collar, Required for Tile Universal Cover for Tile Aluminum Finish S1TFCAL 2DZP2 254.00 PVC PFBRMC 2EMN7 17.68 6.5kb 19. [59.47%] Kit 3" 3⁄8" (2)3⁄8" Nap Covers, 3" Roller Frame and Plastic Trim Tray 12G328 7.94 Mini Paint Roller Kit 4" 3⁄8" (2) 4'' White/Knit Roller Covers With PTFE, 4'' Roller Frame and Plastic Tray 12G329 8.40 (2) Knit Fabric Roller Covers, (2) Foam 5.0kb 20. [59.47%] potential. NXT 1000mL Dispensing System Space Saver design takes up a lot less space than traditional 800mL Dispensers. Manually Dispenses No. hand sanitizer. ADA Compliant. No. 5W629 800mL Bag-in-Box 5VN15 No. 13G701 Mfr. Item Pkg. $ 5.4kb 21. [59.47%] SERVICE & HOSPITALITY Pans & Covers Full-Size Solid Cover Wire Grate Pan False Bottom Full-Sized Pan w/ Hinged Dome Cover Stainless Steel Steam Table Pans and Covers ▪Table pans and solid Covers are NSF Certified Antijamming feature helps prevent 3.2kb 22. [56.44%] Air Fresheners Oil-Based Air Dispenser, 2 5⁄8"W x 7 1⁄2"H Air Care Dispenser Only 2YPW7 2.76 Starter Kits, 10"W x 2"H Dispenser Dispenses fragrance continuously for 24-hr. odor control. Dispensers and battery- operated refills are sold 4.0kb 23. [56.44%] 18"L Sleeve Protector with Covered Elastic Wrists, Bound Seams Universal White IC501BCS 5WYL7 100 403.00 18"H Boot Covers with Covered Elastic Leg Opening, Ties at Ankle, Gripper PVC Sole, Bound Seams M, L, XL White IC458BCS D7998 100 553.00 5.3kb 24. [53.79%] 50 Floor Fan Ear Plug Dispensers and Refills ▪ Meet ANSI S3.19-1974 Leight Source 500 Ear Plug Dispenser—Anodized aluminum Dispenser Dispenser EAR PLUG Dispensers construction withstands constant use. No. 1GAD8 No. 3WU31 Provide 4.0kb 25. [53.79%] Outlet Boxes and Box Covers Use with standard flush switches and receptacles. BOX CoverS AND GASKETS Suitable for outdoor, high-abuse areas and wet locations Easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant Covers protect when used with Cover and 4.8kb 26. [53.79%] 2 99.50 TFX and FMX Dispensing Systems TFX Dispensers offer touch-free operation. FMX Dispensers manually Dispense soaps with 1-hand push operation. No. No. 1200ML DispensER CHG DispensER 2000ML DispensER 1PKR2 3AU25 Item Pkg. $ Item 4.2kb 27. [51.14%] EBV138A 3EPX6 723.50 Metal Cover EBV55A 3EPY1 149.80 Override Button Assembly, Includes Screws/Hex Wrench EBV130A 2XU19 48.05 Metal Cover with Override Button EBV60A 2XU54 165.75 Button Cover Assembly WES23A 3ETY7 54.85 Cover Gasket EBV67 2VEH3 7.7kb 28. [51.14%] 1 Portable Chemical Mixing Dispenser (8"W x 6"H x 4 ⁄2"D) 13E901 46E798 572.50 138.95 Command Center Single Station Chemical Mixing Dispenser, Bottle Fill (10"L x 19 1⁄2"H x 6 1⁄2"D) 10C408 Single Station Chemical Mixing Dispenser, 6.0kb 29. [51.14%] Impulse 8 and Recessed 8 Dispensers Premium Roll Towel Centerpull 425 ft. White 89410 2NY16 6 96.90 tion touch-free Dispensers. Soft, absorbent towels High-Capacity Roll Towels 700 ft. White 89420 3ZJD1 6 107.10 dry hands quickly. Roll Towel 5.3kb 30. [48.48%] No. Each Surface-Mount Cup Dispensers Countertop Cup and Lid Dispenser Stand Holds 6 to 10 oz. Cups Stainless 23 1⁄2 4 3⁄4 San Jamar 6ADL6 87.65 Holds 4 Wall Mount Dispensers Steel — — San Jamar 6ADN7 186.75 Holds 12 to 24 oz. Cups 5.3kb Result page: 1 2 Next [Wednesday 18th of January 2017 08:06:06 PM]


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